Dr. Geetha Reddy

Curriculum Vitae

Geetha Reddy was a guest at the MPI-MMG from midst of February until midst of April 2023. Geetha (pronouns: she/they) is a liberation scholar working within and out with the psychological sciences to study and address social issues across disciplinary boundaries. They have co-edited three special issues on decolonising approaches in and on psychology together with the Readsura Decolonial Editorial Collective for the Review of General Psychology and the Journal of Social Issues and a special issue entitled "Towards a Social Psychology of Precarity" with Dr Clare Coultas and Dr Johanna Lukate for the British Journal of Social Psychology. Geetha works on understanding how people make sense of colonisation, multiculturalism, and migration in contemporary societies. Their research takes an intersectional perspective on identities, highlighting the power structures that influence an individual’s psychology. Geetha uses a decolonial, critical psychological paradigm in their research, teaching, and practice and is based at the Open University, UK.

Geetha completed her PhD in Psychology at the department of Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, London School of Economics and Political Science in 2018 where they studied the social psychology of racial, and ethnic identity constructions, negotiations, and intergroup relations in multicultural societies that have race-based social policies. Exploring the influence of multidimensional contexts on these constructions, Geetha drew from the fields of history, sociology, political science, and human geography. Research for the PhD was carried out in Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK.

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