Dr. Susanne Becker, 2016-2019

Curriculum Vitae

Susanne Becker was a Post-doctoral Researcher in the Department for Socio-cultural Diversity. She holds a degree (Diplom) in Sociology from Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich/Germany, and a Ph.D. in Sociology from Goethe-University Frankfurt/Germany. Her work entails ethnographic studies focusing on the interconnections of language and social inequalities. She examined how language ideologies (beliefs about language(s) and ways of speaking) are linked to economic inequalities. Susanne was a Visiting Researcher at the University of Capetown (South Africa) and the University of Birmingham (UK), as well as a Research Fellow at the Department for Qualitative Research Methods at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (Germany). Her broader interests concern transnational migration, (global) social inequalities, language, asylum, post-colonialism, multilingualism, and translanguaging.

Research projects

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