Dr. Roschanack Shaery, 2010-2014

Curriculum Vitae

Roschanack Shaery is now at the Department of History, University of Antwerp.

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Roschanack Shaery is interested in Shiite politics in Lebanon, Iran, India, and Syria. She completed her MA in Anthropology and Education in Heidelberg in 1998 and received her PhD in Modern Middle Eastern History at the University of Chicago in 2005. She worked as a Syria researcher at the University of Amsterdam where she was able to establish close contact to a variety of Syrian dissidents and activists both in Syria and abroad. At MPI-MMG she has been working on a manuscript entitled: 'Lebanese Detainees in Syria. Transnationalism, Piety and Suffering' and has begun a new project on the history and politics of Twelver Shiites in Mumbai.

Research projects:

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