Dr. Shaheed Tayob, 2012-2017

Dr. Shaheed Tayob, 2012-2017

Curriculum Vitae

Shaheed Tayob was a PhD fellow at the Department for Religious Diversity. He has an undergraduate degree in finance, holds a CFA charter, and has three years of working experience as a chartered accountant. Since leaving the corporate world he has pursued his research interest in understanding religion and economy through a focus on consumption. 

His research career has included an analysis of the soccer World Cup in South Africa through the lens of Millennial Capitalism, where he argued for consumption as a religious sacrifice. Staying with the issue of consumption, he has recently handed in his MA dissertation at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, entitled 'Consuming, Producing, Defining Halal: Halal Authorities and Muslim Consumers in South Africa. Shaheed conducted fieldwork in three cities in South Africa in order to understand how halal has been transformed by the consumer economy.

At the MPI-MMG he developed his research interests in religion, Islamic studies, ritual, modernity, consumption, markets and capitalism. 

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