Abbas Yousefpour, 2012-2015

Curriculum Vitae

Abbas Yousefpour worked on several films within the Institute’s GlobaldiverCities project, having studied at the School of Film and Television of the National Radio and Television Organization of Iran, where he served from 1972 to 1981 as a film-cutter. Until his departure to Germany he was, among other things, a freelance film editor, photojournalist, cameraman and head of the department for audio-visual media in the oil ministry. For the previous sixteen years, Abbas Yousefpour was a film and video editor with the IWF Wissen und Medien GmbH at Göttingen, where he cut and edited post-production scientific documentaries for universities and colleges, as well as for industrial clients. He has also worked as a freelance or staff employee for television stations and television production and produced in freelance projects his own ethnographic films as director, cinematographer and editor.

Filmography (own):
2002    „Tassua-Ashura, the Highlight of the mourning month of Moharram in
2004    „After 13 years, back in Iran“
2005    "Der letzte Manikana“ a film for and about the anthroplogical
            cinematographer Manfred Krüger
2006    „My Uncle, the Patriarch

Research projects:

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