Dr. Jili Zhu, 2014-2016

Curriculum Vitae

Jili Zhu came to MPI-MMG from Minzu University, China, as a postdoctoral fellow. She has received extensive training in anthropology and history, conducting more than fifteen years of work in this field. She started her study in the department of anthropology at Yunnan University in China and also took part in a Visual Anthropology Joint Training by the Visual Institute of Goettingen University and Yunnan University in 2002. She focused on research into the traditional culture and religious diversity of China’s Miao minority. She has also been involved in editing the Yunnan Miao’s Culture Series and co-authored The History of Flowery Miao, which her great grand-father wrote in 1939. In recent years, she studied the history and progress of Protestant missionaries in encountering and engaging with the Flowery Miao in Yunnan and Guizhou provinces in southwestern China during the first half of the 20th Century. Her study examined a number of specific historical materials that belong to Flowery Miao families and individuals. She investigated the success and failure of the mission work of different denominations and their impact upon the Miao’s daily life.

Jili Zhu is a Miao and fluent in the Miao language (The Pollard Script). At MPI-MMG, she has been working on a study of the relations between Yi and Miao in Sichuan, Yunnan, and Vietnam.

Research projects:

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