Prof. Dr. Yolanda Garcia-Ruiz

Curriculum Vitae

Yolanda Garcia Ruiz is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Valencia (Spain) where she teaches "State Law and Religions" at the Faculty of Law. Currently, she is Vice-Dean for Political Science and Research at the Faculty of Law (University of Valencia).

Her researches and publications are related to fundamental rights, civil liberties and their impact on religious groups. And, especially, on the incidence of the religious factor in the European legislative policies on immigration and biomedical research. She has also worked on issues of family law, gender, religious minorities, health and multiculturalism. And so profuse in Biolaw and bioethics issues, especially, in the answers of the religions about biomedical advances and the law of the States of the EU on these issues.

She is member of the Biolaw Group of Research at the University of Valencia (

She has held visiting positions at the Centre for Family Research (University of Cambridge), at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (Lausanne), at the University of Heilderberg (Germany), at the University of Rome (Sapienza), at the Institut Catholique in Paris and at some institutions of the European Union (European Commission and the European Court of Justice). She has taught courses and conferences on religious freedom, religious minorities, relations between States and religions and about religion and bioethics in differents Spanish and Latinamerican Universities. She is a member of the "Spanish Society of Religious Sciences."

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July - September 2011
July - September 2015
July - September 2018

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