Dr. Alexander Horstmann

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Alexander Horstmann is Associate Professor of Modern Southeast Asian Studies at the School of Humanities at Tallinn University, Estonia. His main research interests include Asian borderland studies, human rights and humanitarianism, religion and refugee, minority studies, and Theravada Buddhism. His teaching in Tallinn includes Asian societies and politics, Everyday Multiculturalism, interdisciplinary LIFE courses, and PhD courses in cultural studies. He published 7 books and numerous research articles on the anthropology and sociology of Southeast Asia and beyond, most recently with Jin-Heon Jung (2015): Building Noah’s Ark for Migrants, Refugees, and Religious Communities, Palgrave (Anthropology of Asia Series). Alexander Horstmann was a research fellow and Associate in the department of religious diversity at Max Planck Institute for the study of religious diversity (director: Peter van der Veer), working on ethnic and religious pluralism in Southeast Asia and Southwest China, and a social history of religion and migrations from mainland Southeast Asia.
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