Nga Mai Thi Thanh

Curriculum Vitae

Nga Mai Thi Thanh has done her MA in Migration and Intercultural Relations - a joint program by some European and African universities, which provides her profound and advanced theoretical and analytical skills to assess important contemporary issues in migration studies. As the nature of her course, she has been experiencing the education tour in different countries, Germany, Norway and the Czech Republic to name a few. She has chosen to focus on Vietnamese immigration community in the Czech Republic as her master project in which she tells their stories of mobility and integration into the land far away from their motherland. Her six-month internship in Religious Diversity Department at Max Planck Institute for Religious and Ethnic Diversity Studies supported her in materializing her ideas into a good and quality research by providing her the access to academic discussions and a rich resources of migration literature.  Not less important, she participated into research activities which aim to provide a comparative picture of Vietnamese people coming from different parts of the country – the Northern and the Southern and migrating to two different parts of Europe – the Western and the Eastern.

Extra information

Stay at MPI-MMG:
March - August 2015

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