Dr. Adam Németh

Curriculum Vitae

Ádám Németh was a visiting researcher in the Department of Socio-Cultural Diversity. Ádám holds a PhD in geography from the University of Pécs, “the first university of Hungary”®. He has broad expertise in the field of human geography, regional development and urban studies as well as Geographical Information Systems (GIS). His research focuses on quantitative modelling the change of ethnic diversity, implementing new methods to distinguish different “subtypes” of multiethnicity and analyzing these processes in geographic space.

Ádám’s main research area has been Eastern Europe, particularly the Baltic countries. Previously, he has been a visiting researcher at the Institute of Government and Politics, Centre for Baltic Studies (University of Tartu), at the Faculty of Geography & Earth Sciences as well as the Chair of Statistics and Demography (University of Latvia). He has made a professional practice at the State Regional Development Agency of Latvia, and have attended a Nordplus field course in Latgale, organized by the University of Eastern Finland.

Ádám has written several edited articles and papers in refereed scientific journals; in Hungarian, English, German and Latvian languages, and has given conference presentations in many European countries from Sweden to Turkey. His PhD thesis has the title: "Ethnic homogenization, fractionalization and polarization in the Baltic region in the 20-21th centuries" (June 2014, “summa cum laude”).

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Stay at MPI-MMG:
December 2014 - February 2015

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