Prof. Dr. Daniel Hiebert

Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Hiebert is guest at the institute in April and May 2024. Dan is Professor emeritus of Geography at the University of British Columbia and Co-Director of Metropolis British Columbia, a centre of excellence dedicated to studying immigration and diversity. His research focuses on the integration of immigrants in Canadian cities, particularly on issues related to their participation in housing and labour markets. He has published this research in a series of Metropolis Working Papers and in academic journals that include: The Canadian Geographer, The Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Economic Geography, Planning Perspectives, and BC Studies. He is also engaged in international collaborative projects on these subjects, with scholars at the University of New South Wales, the University of Amsterdam, and the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies in the Netherlands.

His research focuses on public policy related to the issues of immigration and cultural diversity, in Canada and internationally. Almost all of this work is done as part of the Metropolis Project, a network of research centres across Canada and internationally. His current projects are Canadian immigration policy in an international framework, with a particular interest in Australian and European comparisons, the economic impact of immigration in Canada, including the labour market participation of immigrants, immigration and the transformation of Canadian metropolitan areas, especially Vancouver, immigration and housing in Canada, including the issue of homelessness, and the role of non-governmental organizations in the settlement and integration of immigrants.

At MPI-MMG Daniel Hiebert was working with Prof. Vertovec on developing a research programme concerning diversity and markets.

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Stay at MPI-MMG:
June - July 2014
May 2018
July 2019
April - May 2024

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