Savitri Medhatul

Curriculum Vitae

Savitri Medhatul is a Mumbai based documentary filmmaker. After her graduation in Business Management from Mumbai University, she completed post-graduation in Social Communication Media.

Savitri has directed and produced a documentary film on Lavani Dancers (women folk dancers from Maharashtra, India) called Natale Tumchyasathi … Behind the Adorned Veil. She has also collaborated on various national and international projects.

Her work touches upon varied topics such as farmer suicides, Water distribution in the city of Mumbai, Bene Israeli (Jewish community from Maharashtra), Rickshaw drivers in Mumbai and more.

She collaborated with Dr Mathew Gandi from University College of London for a film project on water distribution and its issues in Mumbai called ‘Liquid City’.

Savitri has received a two-year fellowship from Social Science Research Council, New York for research and making video projects on Pentecostal Christians in Mumbai.

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