Dr. Jelena Tosic

Curriculum Vitae

Jelena Tosic is a fellow at the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Vienna. Apart from migration and refugee studies - which is one of her main research focuses - she is doing research on patterns and transformations of diversity/multiculturalism in Southeastern Europe/the Balkans, more precisely: in the region of Shkodra on the Albanian/Montenegrin border.

Diversity and Coexistence in a Peaceful Balkan Border Region. The Shkodra/Skadar region in the forefront of EU-Accession
This is a very interesting region for anthropological research since it is marked by pronounced ethno-religious diversity and a lack of (armed) conflicts, which were raging in the direct neighbourhood. This research is funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences Southeasteuropean Fellowship (AAS-CEE) which she was awarded in 2010.

Her PhD published in 2009, is on Global Rights and local contexts. Human rights and globalization in the post-socialist transformation in Serbia. LIT: Vienna. (Globale Rechte und lokale Kontexte. Menschenrechte und Globalisierung in der postsozialistischen Transformation Serbiens. LIT: Wien.)

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Stay at MPI-MMG:
February - March 2013

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