Dr. Esra Erdem

Curriculum Vitae

Esra Erdem received her PhD in Economics in 2008 at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Currently, she is working as a research associate in the department "Gender and Globalization" at Humboldt University, Berlin. In addition, she is a lecturer at the School of Business and Law in Berlin. Her publications cover integration policy, migration, gender, and economy, including:

  • “Building Migrant Civil Engagement in East Germany.” In: Alternative Voices on Integration. Institute of Race Relations. London 2010
  • „In der Falle einer Politik des Ressentiments: Feminismus und die Integrationsdebatte“. In: Sabine Hess, Jana Binder, Johannes Moser (Hg.) No Integration ?! Kulturwissenschaftliche Beiträge zur Integrationsdebatte in Europa. transcript 2009
  • “Contested Constructions of the Migrant Home” In: G. Cassano (Hg.) Home Front. Macmillan Press 2009
  • “Immigrant Women and Economic Justice”. PhD Thesis. Umass electronic library 2008

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