Matias Jaime Sendoa de Echanove

Curriculum Vitae

Matias Echanove studied economics & government at the London School of Economics and urban planning at Columbia University, New York. In 2012, he was a PhD candidate at the University of Tokyo at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies. His research interest include participatory urban planning and design, local economic development and information and communication systems. He lives and works in Mumbai where he co-founded the Institute of Urbanology with Rahul Srivastava ( The Institute merges fieldwork, theoretical engagement and consulting. Its clients and partners include Lafarge Affordable Housing (Mumbai), Khoj Artists Association (New Delhi) and MPI MMG (Germany). Matias is one of the creators of URBZ (, a platform promoting collaborative urban planning practices and experimental research. He is a co-author of and regularly writes essays and articles for publications such as the New York Times and Oxford University Press.

Extra information

Stay at MPI-MMG:
September 2012 - February 2013

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