Dr. Raúl Acosta

Curriculum Vitae

Raúl Acosta is a lecturer-researcher at ITESO University in Guadalajara, Mexico. His doctoral thesis in Social Anthropology (University of Oxford 2007) focused on transnational environmental activism and advocacy in the Brazilian Amazon and the Mediterranean. In particular, he studied how networks of civil society organizations dealt with dissent among the wide variety of groups involved. He carried out participant observation of the organizing team behind the Mediterranean Social Forum held in Barcelona in 2005, and attended several meetings of the World Social Forum. Recent projects have focused on the quality of dialogue among civil society groups struggling to improve urban design in Guadalajara. His current work compares the effect of public discourses of diversity and tolerance for organizations to aid migrants in Mexico and Brazil. His interests include solidarity, morality, exchange, activism, and political anthropology. His publications include Making sense of the global (coedited book, 2010), NGO and Social Movement Networking in the World Social Forum (book, 2009).

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