Dr. Remus Anghel

Curriculum Vitae

Remus Gabriel Anghel is a researcher at the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, Cluj, and postdoctoral fellow at the Romanian Academy, Cluj Branch. In 2009 he completed his Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Bielefeld, Germany. He worked on a book project entitled “Transnationalism and Social Prestige. Dilemmas of Multiple Belongings among migrants from Romania in Nuremberg and Milan”. It looks at how migrants’ multiple belongings generate inconsistencies between their positions at home and abroad, and their sense of social prestige. He conducted research in Romania, Italy, and Germany on various topics such as irregular migration, ethnic migration, and migrants’ transnationalism. He has been involved in a research project on ethnic migration and citizenship practices in the case of Romania’s ethnic minorities.  

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Stay at MPI-MMG:
February - March 2011

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