Dr. Makedonka Mitrova

Curriculum Vitae

Makedonka Mitrova defended her doctoral dissertation and gained a Ph.D. degree in historical sciences in 2008. In April 2009 she was promoted to the position of Assistant-Professor. In past few years, she has actively participated in all the activities of the Institute of National History showing a high level of professionalism, diligence, cooperation, good relations with her colleagues at the Institute and showing a special inclination towards the scientific-research work.

Her stay at the Max Planck Institute in Gottingen has helped her carry out more profound research in the thought concepts of the West in regard to the Ottoman Empire, especially in regard to the recognition of its ethnic and religious diversity. This helped her make a comparison between the western discourses on this aspect of the functioning of the Ottoman Empire with the discourse of the political intelligentsia of the Kingdom of Serbia. Makedonka Mitrovas focus was on discovering the connection or the influence of the western notions of the ethnic and religious diversity of Ottoman Macedonia on the political intelligentsia of the Kingdom of Serbia. The rich library of the Max Planck Institute provides access to numerous books and papers on this topic. 

Extra information

Stay at MPI-MMG:
November - December 2010

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