Prof. Loren Landau (University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)

Curriculum Vitae

Loren B. Landau is the Director of the African Center for Migration and Society (ACMS) (formerly Forced Migration Studies Programme, FMSP) at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a background in political science and development studies, his work focuses on human mobility, development, and sovereignty.

Completed projects focused on Immigration, Transit and Urban Transformation: A Comparative Study of Post-Apartheid Migration and Urbanisation in Lubumbashi, Maputo, and Johannesburg (2006-2009) being part of an research programme on “International Migration, Territorial Recomposition and Development in Africa” funded by the French Department of Foreign Affairs  and coordinated by the French Institute of Research for Development. In late 2010, the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom approved funding for a research consortium entitled: ‘Migrating out of Poverty’. Coordinated by the University of Sussex, the consortium has five core partners including the ACMS.

Loren Landau published numerous articles on immigration issues.

At MPI-MMG Loren Landau is working together with Steve Vertovec.

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