André Luiz Siciliano, University of São Paulo

Curriculum Vitae

André Luiz Siciliano is a PhD candidate in the Department of International Law at the University of São Paulo (USP) where he develops his thesis focusing on the Migration Right as an underestimated human right. His research aims to demonstrate that immigration right and emigration right are not two separated and independent rights, but two domestic facades of the same and single universal right. Previously, he completed his MSc on International Relations at University of São Paulo with a dissertation about the Brazilian Migration Policy. Andre wrote papers about migration policy in South America and the role of universalization of human rights and migration in the formation of global governance. He coordinated the monthly publication of the Group of the International Conjuncture Analysis - Gacint, of the Institute of International Relations at USP for six years (2011–2017). He also holds a BA in Law.

Extra information

Stay at MPI-MMG:
January - February 2019

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