Dr. Charlie Davison (University of Essex)

Curriculum Vitae

Charlie Davison is a Medical Anthropologist and independent healthcare research and training consultant based in Colchester, Essex. He is a Fellow in the School of Health and Human Sciences at the University of Essex. Charlie has carried out research in the fields of complementary and non-western medical systems, CHD, dementia care, environmental and work-related health damage, patient experience and genetic screening. He has also acted as an anthropological consultant to several research and healthcare projects working in the area of diversity and the development of culturally appropriate health services. Currently much of his work involves the ‘modernisation’ of the English National Health Service (NHS) and the cultural changes needed to implement the headline policies of patient choice, culturally appropriate care and community involvement in decision-making.

Charlie worked on two research projects. The “PEBL” project is about using internet blogging to enhance public participation in local healthcare decision-making (it is funded by the UK National Institute for Health Research). He also worked with the Max Planck Institute for the Study of religious and Ethnic Diversity on the development of an international project about the availability of culturally appropriate healthcare for the super-diverse communities of contemporary Europe. His research and training activities have taken him to Argentina, Nicaragua, and Spain, where he is Visiting Research Fellow at the Universidad de Jaén.

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