Prof. Nina Glick-Schiller (University of Manchester)

Curriculum Vitae

Nina Glick-Schiller was the Director of the Cosmopolitan Cultures Institute at the University of Manchester. She was formerly Professor of Anthropology at University of New Hampshire.

In more than 80 articles and book chapters and three books Nina Glick-Schiller developed a comparative and historical perspective on migration, transnational processes and social relations, diasporic connection and long distance nationalism. Her concern has been to explore differences of power within transnational social fields in relationship to the constitution of gender, race, class, status, poverty, the second generation, citizenship, and national identity. To foster publication from this perspective in 1992 she founded the journal Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power and edited it from 1992 to 2001. She has since served on the editorial boards of a range of journals including American Ethnologist, Social Analysis, Focaal, and Anthropological Theory. Her research has been conducted in Haiti, the United States, and Germany and she has worked with migrants from all regions of the globe.

Her most recent book projects develop migration theory by examining the relationship between the migrant and the city. These books contest the methodological nationalism of most migration studies that remain fixed within the comparative framework of individual nation-states and state policies. The first book, Locating Migration: The Migrant and the Scale (forthcoming), co-edited with Ayse Caglar, examines the relationship between the scalar positioning of cities and the pathways of migrant. The second book, Pathways: Placing Migration Theory, argues that the entire debate about immigration, assimilation, multiculturalism, transnationalism, and citizenship has very little to do with how migrants actually live their lives. Her current research documents the experiential cosmopolitanism that of accompanies migrants’ transformations of urban life.

At MPI-MMG Prof. Glick-Schiller was working across departments to develop joint projects on cosmopolitan cities.

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