Katharina Borberg (Munich University of Applied Sciences - MUAS)

Curriculum Vitae

Katharina Borberg was working as research partner for the project Diversity and Contact (‘DivCon’). 

In 2009 she acted as an assistant in the project “Diversity and Integration in the City of Frankfurt”, led by Regina Römhild and Steven Vertovec. Afterwards she stayed with the city of Frankfurt, writing a documentary on the public discussion of the new Integration and Diversity Concept for the city.

She studied Cultural Anthropology and Political Science at Goethe-University in Frankfurt and La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

She obtained her Masters degree in the summer of 2008 with her thesis “Designing Globalisation - an anthropological perspective on the exhibition “globalisation 2.0” at the museum of communication in Frankfurt”. During her studies she was leader of GeFKA e.V. (association for the promotion of cultural anthropology)

Her research interests in cultural anthropology include: cosmopolitanism, globalisation, Migrant Media and urban anthropology. In her second major Political Science her focus lies in the field of International Relations.

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