Mijal Gandelsman-Trier (Hamburg University)

Curriculum Vitae

Mijal Gandelsman-Trier is a lecturer of Social and Cultural Anthropology and a doctoral candidate at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Her key areas of research focus on diaspora and migration, space and place and urban anthropology. She has conducted extensive fieldwork in Montevideo (Uruguay) among the Jewish Diaspora and on the transformation of urban space in the port area. She is also working as a co-director of the research project “Diaspora as a Resource” (DiaspoRes) headed by Prof. Dr. Waltraud Kokot at the University of Hamburg and has been a long-term member of the editorial committee of Ethnoscripts, the Anthropological Journal of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Hamburg.

Mijal Gandelsman-Trier carried out fieldwork in a Hamburg neighbourhood within the research project “Diversity and Contact” (DivCon).

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