Karina Goldberg

Curriculum Vitae

Karina Goldberg was working as an assistant researcher for the project of the Amka to formulate a new Integration and Diversity Concept for the city of Frankfurt/Main. She studied Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy at the J.W.–Goethe-University in Frankfurt and at the Universitat de Barcelona. Sponsored by a grant from DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) she also did the research for her final thesis in Barcelona. With her thesis on “Bolivian female migrants in the domestic service in Barcelona: everyday practices and strategies in the context of gender and migration regimes” she then obtained her Masters degree in the summer of 2008. During her studies she worked as student assistant at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and as child carer at the Bettina School in Frankfurt. She has been conducting a coaching course for students since 2008 and held a laboratory course on “Academic research and writing“ in the winter semester of 2008/2009 at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology in Frankfurt. She also worked as project assistant for an exhibition on “Cooking, Eating, Speaking” at the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt.

Together with Katharina Borberg and Stefan Rech Karina Goldberg acted as an assistant in the project “Diversity and Integration in the City of Frankfurt”, led by Regina Römhild and Steven Vertovec.

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