Marietta Kesting (Akademie der bildenden Künste München)

Curriculum Vitae

Marietta Kesting, Ph.D. candidate in Visual Culture Studies and History at Humboldt University of Berlin, teaches at the University of Vienna, Institute for Contemporary History, and research fellow of the DFG-College ‘Gender as a Category of Knowledge’. Working title of the thesis: “Visualization of Migration, Xenophobia, and Gender in Post-Apartheid South Africa – Crossmappings of documentary photographs and film.” Her M.A. thesis in cultural studies analysed the politics of visibility in Johannesburg , comparing the inner city ‘ghetto’ Hillbrow and the gated community Dainfern. She is also curator of documentary film screenings at the Film Archive Austria – “Film Kunst Dokument” and director of documentary films: ‘Sunny Land’ 87 min, HD (Premiere: Berlinale Forum 2010), ‘Howzit!? Life in Johannesburg: Hillbrow and Dainfern’ 60 min, HDV.

Marietta Kesting worked in conjunction with Prof. Steven Vertovec, Dr.  Beate Engelbrecht and others on the research project on “GLOBALDIVERCITIES - Migration and New Diversities in Global Cities: Comparatively Conceiving, Observing and Visualizing Diversification in Urban Public Spaces“.

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