Dr. Anna Frauke Stuhldreher, 2019-2021

Curriculum Vitae

Anna Stuhldreher studied ancient history and philosophy in Düsseldorf and Berlin. In 2010 she completed her doctoral thesis in philosophy about Wittgenstein and started working as a research assistant for a research group focusing on memorials in berlin and the German remembrance tradition from a political, sociological and historical perspective. Finding her way into science management, she started working as an employee of international affairs in the president’s staff of the headquarter of the Leibniz association, before she moved to Göttingen in order to take up a position at the University of Göttingen as a project manager of the Graduate School of Humanities Göttingen (GSGG) of the University of Göttingen. Before she started working for the MPI MMG she held a position as regional coordinator for Europe, Russia and Israel of the international office of the University of Göttingen.

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