Understanding the public-private spectrum of space in asylum-seekers’ accommodation facilities 

Shahd Seethaler-Wari

- completed -

Within the framework of the project, “Diversity of Asylum-seekers’ Needs and Aspirations”, the sub-project “Understanding the Public-private Spectrum of Space” employed participant observation, spatial analysis, and guided and semi-structured interviews with asylum-seekers to understand their spatial needs and perceptions, and to investigate the importance of public and private spaces, as well as the dynamics of social spaces in accommodation facilities specifically and on the city level in Göttingen, in general. This focus on space is meant to contribute in part to answering the macro-project’s research question investigating needs and aspirations, and to elucidate whether and how existing institutional accommodation facilities meet the needs and aspirations of asylum-seekers, and how they influence their life trajectories. This project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, is part of the “WiMi” initiative.

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