A parliament for non-citizens: inclusion and representation

Benjamin Boudou

- completed -

In his new research project, “A Parliament for Non-citizens: Inclusion and Representation”, Boudou  argues for a realist implementation of the principle of affected interests through representation. He pursues three goals: (1) to address the legitimacy gap for democracies that misrecognize the interests and views of non-citizens, whether they be residents or not; (2) to liberate the principle of affected interests from its radical conclusion of enfranchising everyone potentially affected by any possible decisions; and (3) to expand the literature on representation by offering a normative argument for the inclusion of non-citizens through representative mechanisms.

Representative publication:

Boudou, B. (2019). From Visit to Representation: Pursuing the Cosmopolitical Project [in French]. Lignes, 2019/3(60), 149-162. doi:10.3917/lignes.060.0149.


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