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The boundaries of citizenship within the European Union (Martijn van den Brink)

The boundary dilemma (Benjamin Boudou)

Calling for the Super Citizen: the genealogy and effects of naturalisation (Elisabeth Badenhoop)

Fortress architecture and the politics of spatial control (Derek Denman)

Law, Jewish identity, and the question of difference (Mareike Riedel)

On “Golden Visas” and “Golden Passports”: The Marketization of Citizenship in an Age of Restrictionism (Ayelet Shachar)

The political rights of refugees and asylum seekers in the EU (Ali Emre Benli)

The right to citizenship, Jus Nexi and legal identity (Barbara von Rütte)

Seeing illegal immigrants: state monitoring and political rationality (Elisabeth Badenhoop)

Shifting Borders of Justice: Territory, Market, Migration (Ayelet Shachar)

Spatial Statism (Ayelet Shachar and Ran Hirschl)

Toward a Parliament of Migrants: Representation and Participation Beyond Membership (Benjamin Boudou)


Distant claimants: an inquiry on how law conditions access to political membership (completed) (Dana Schmalz)

Embedding international refugee protection in national historical narratives (completed) (Hans Leaman)

Immigration law and the international governance of migration in light of the theory of property rights (completed) (Stefan Schlegel)

Interrogating the legitimacy of immigration law (completed) (Caleb Yong)

Managing religious diversity in post-Reformation German cities (completed) (Maximilian Scholz)

The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship (completed) (Ayelet Shachar)

Refugee law and the governance of religious diversity (completed) (Hans Leaman)

The right to family-class immigration (completed) (Naama Ofrath)

A sustainable accommodation. A comparative study on interruption of pregnancy in Italy, Spain and Mexico (completed) (Tania Pagotto)

Volunteering for permanent residency and citizenship (completed) (Bouke de Vries)

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