The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship (completed)

Ayelet Shachar


This field-defining project provided the groundwork for developing the themes and approaches explored in The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship, for which Ayelet Shachar serves as the lead editor. With 37 chapters written by some of the field’s leading and upcoming scholars, the Handbook sets an agenda for both theoretical and empirical research explorations through state-of-the-art analyses of the main challenges and prospects of citizenship in today’s world of increased resurgent populist nationalism and increased globalization pressures.

Topics include the “selling” of citizenship, “non-Western” citizenship, in-between statuses, explaining citizenship laws, post-colonial citizenship, the impact of technological change on citizenship, and other cutting-edge topics. The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship brings together multidisciplinary and comparative contributions from legal academics, political scientists, sociologists, geographers, historians and philosophers. It has emerged as a major reference work in the field for those engaged with citizenship for a legal, political, and cultural perspective.

“A robust, modern guideline to induce creative and pragmatic discussions about some of the most pressing issues we currently face.”    
-        Global Citizenship Review

“No other single volume achieves the theoretical acuity, historical depth, legal grounding, and sociological analysis of citizenship that this book manages to achieve. It is clear, wide ranging, and admirably un-parochial in the range of its references. By focusing on a wide range of citizenship claims, from those of dominant groups seeking to exclude to marginalized groups struggling for legal recognition, the Handbook enlarges our sense of the moral stakes and political struggles at the heart of citizenship.”
-        Pratap Bhanu Mehta, President, Centre for Policy Research

“An excellent starting point for the study of some of the main challenges and prospects informing citizenship in today’s world” 
-        Zakaria Sajir, Ethnic and Racial Studies

“The definitive source on a critical concept in political and social life. Innovative in its conception and authoritative in its execution.”
-        J.H.H. Weiler, University Professor, NYU School of Law

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