The Right to Citizenship, Jus Nexi, and Legal Identity

Barbara von Rütte

- completed -

Barbara von Rütte studies the regulation of citizenship in international law, in particular international human rights law. She identifies rights and obligations that can be derived from the right to citizenship as enshrined in international legal standards, and examines the protection gaps that leave individuals at risk of violations of their right to citizenship. The project aims to apply the principle of jus nexi to the right to citizenship in order to address these protection gaps and to strengthen the effectiveness of the right to citizenship in a migration context. Barbara’s research, moreover, looks at the concept of social identity developed by the European Court of Human Rights and how the Court applies the concept to migrant rights. Her project at the ELP Department focuses on the publication of a book based on her Ph.D., and on the development of a new research agenda on the concept of legal identity and its use in the context of citizenship and statelessness.

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