Spatial Statism

Ayelet Shachar and Ran Hirschl

In this project, Ran Hirschl and Ayelet Shachar seek to insert a degree of innovation into debates about global law and territorial sovereignty. They do so by asking how considerations of space, place, and density impact the conceptualization of state power in a world of growing complexity and interdependence. Highlighting an array of key policy areas—immigration regulation and border control; the constitutional status of cities; natural resources; the place of religious symbols in the public sphere; and “us vs. them” constructions of national identity—Hirschl and Shachar demonstrate the versatility and creativity of states, acting alone in concert, in deploying and stretching, through the classic tools of public law, their spatial and juridical tentacles in a new and complex global environment.

Representative publication:

Hirschl R. & Shachar A. 2019. “Spatial Statism” International Journal of Public Law 17(2), 387-438.

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