Media margin and the making of Lisu transnational religious networks in post-1980s Myanmar and Yunnan 

Ying Diao

- completed -

The ethnographic inquiry has moved outwards from rural China, to the cyberspaces of virtual congregating, and to Myanmar’s Kachin state, Yangon, and northern Thailand. The project aims to elucidate how transnational trends in media practices are being locally reproduced, thus providing affordances for religious minorities to maintain a resilient faith community. A major aspect of her project has been the preparation of her first monograph, entitled “Sounding the Christian Minorities: Media Margin and Lisu Religiosity on the China-Myanmar Border”, an ethnographic study of how material objects and media engagements have become essential to the indigenous perception and practices of faith amidst the political and social changes that have occurred along the Myanmar-Yunnan frontier over the last three decades. 

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