Indian and Chinese religious networks in South-East Asia
Cross-border religious and ethnic development between South-West China and South-East Asia
Asian Diasporas
Religious networks in a globalizing world (completed)
Urban aspirations in Mumbai
Urban aspirations in Seoul: Religion and megacities in comparative studies (2012-2017, completed)
Urban aspirations in Shanghai (completed)
Urban aspirations in Singapore (completed)
Individual projects

Indian and Chinese religious networks in South-East Asia

China’s rise, restructured relations and transforming religious networks between Minnan and Southeast Asia (completed) (Jifeng Liu)

Chinese secularism, education, and urban aspiration among religious youth: an ethnographic study of Pentecostal college students in contemporary China (completed) (Ke-hsien Huang)

Chinese spirit-medium cults in Southeast Asia (completed) (Fabian Graham)

Comparative research project on Chinese transnational religious networks in Singapore (completed) (Gue Thye Hue)

Enduring links and new connections in the Malaysian Indian diaspora: class, caste and transnationalism (completed) (Sudheesh Bhasi)

Governing the monastic order. A comparative exploration of traditional sangha-laws in pre-modern Laos and their transformations under colonialism (Patrice Ladwig)

In the footsteps of others: Protestant networks in Southern Fujian and Southeast Asia (completed) (Chris White)

Malaysian Indians and the problem of faith: religion, political representation and racialization (completed) (Rupa Viswanath, University of Göttingen)

Socio-religious affinities, economic dominance: Chinese diasporic institutions and networks in Northeast Sumatra, c. 1920-present (Hui Kian Kwee, University of Toronto)

Structure and change in a traditional banking community: Nagarattar in the 21st century (completed) (Nathaniel Roberts)


Cross-border religious and ethnic development between South-West China and South-East Asia

Buddhist Socialisms. Asian interactions of Buddhism, socialist ideologies and communist movements in historical perspective (completed) (Patrice Ladwig)

The effects on ethnic minorities of the opening up of Southwest China to Southeast Asia (completed) (Naomi Hellmann)

Ghosts of ritual: yearning and utopia at the margins of the Chinese State (completed) (Mireille Mazard)

Hmong diaspora, ancestral land, and transnational networks (completed) (Weidong Zhang)

The mechanical missionary: Infrastructures of conversion and the Far East Broadcasting Company (completed) (Anderson Blanton)

Musical mobility and the making of transnational religious networks among the Christian Lisu in post- 1980s Yunnan and Burma/Myanmar (abgeschlossen) (Ying Diao)

Negotiating rituals in contemporary Vietnam (completed) (Paul Sorrentino)

Paradoxes of unification: the narratives of Vietnamese migrants in Berlin (Mai Thi Thanh Nga)

Polluted and polluting: a view from the borderland (completed) (Ngoc Thi Vuong)

Religion, marginality and addiction in Northern Thailand (completed) (Sophorntavy Vorng)

Spiritual heritage and the question of post-war reconciliation in Vietnam (Tam Ngo)

Study of the relations between Miao and Yi in Southwest China and Vietnam (completed) (Jili Zhu)

Towards an anthropology of Buddhism. Ethnography, theory and comparison (completed) (Patrice Ladwig)

Transnational religious networks and protestant conversion among the Hmong in Northern Vietnam (completed) (Tam Ngo)

The Unclaimed War: The Social Memory of the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese border war in China and Vietnam (Tam Ngo)


Asian Diasporas

Lost in translation: negotiation of language and identity among Chinese immigrants in Berlin (Jingyang Yu)

North-South by East-West (Peter van der Veer, Tam Ngo)

Urban aspirations in (post)cold war capitals: Seoul-Berlin in comparative anthropology (completed) (Jin-heon Jung)


Religious networks in a globalizing world (completed)

Chinese Christians’ Networks in Germany (2009 – 2010) (completed) (Dorottya Nagy)

Chinese secularism, education, and urban aspiration among religious youth: an ethnographic study of Pentecostal college students in contemporary China (completed) (Ke-hsien Huang)

Dissemination of global and local forms of Tibetan Buddhist knowledge in the Russian Federation (2009 – 2011) (completed) (Justine Buck Quijada)

From peasant to pastor -- The rural-urban transformation of Protestant Christianity in Linyi, Shandong Province (completed) (Jie Kang)

Future plans: faithful encounters: transnational religion, missionization and the refugee crisis in mainland Southeast Asia (completed) (Alexander Horstmann)

Migration, religion and gender: perspectives on Chinese missionaries in the UK (1950 to the present) (Yuqin Huang)

The post-division (Christian) citizenship: the Christian encounters of North Korean migrants and South Korean Protestant Church (completed) (Jin-Heon Jung)

Religious Diversity and Ecological Sustainability in China (completed) (Dan Smyer Yu)

Religious movement organizations and the formation of global denominations (completed) (Weishan Huang)

The reverberative nature of the global network of Christianity among the Naga of northeast India (completed) (Vibha Joshi Parkin)

Salvation, status, and social action: contemporary configurations of Buddhism and Bangkokian middle class social and political aspirations (2009 – 2011) (completed) (Sophorntavy Vorng)

The Spread of Tibetan Buddhism in China: Charisma, Money, Enlightenment (completed) (Dan Smyer Yu)

Taking Jesus back to China: How will foreign-educated Chinese Christian returnees impact Christianity in contemporary China? (completed) (Yuqin Huang)

Taming the Spirit by Using Indigenous Culture: An Ethnographic Study of the True Jesus Church as Confucian-Style Pentecostalism (completed) (Ke-hsien Huang)

Transnational religious networks and state formation in Thailand (2010 – 2011) (completed) (Jovan Maud)


Urban aspirations in Mumbai

Moral projects: social imaginaries of religious revival and civic engagement among the Ismaili community of Mumbai (completed) (David Strohl)

Negotiating modernity, remaking selves: East India migrants and the city in contemporary Mumbai (completed) (Uday Chandra)

New Media and New Politics in Urban India (completed) (Sahana Udupa)

Parsi religious endowments in Mumbai (completed) (Leilah Vevaina)

Religious discourse in municipal electoral campaigning (completed) (Lisa Bjorkman)

Remaking selves: Narratives of young Muslim women in Mumbai (completed) (Sana Ghazi)

Rituals and socio-spatial negotiations in mega-cities (2009 – 2011) (completed) (Reza Masoudi Nejad)

The Shi‘a in Mumbai: Everyday life, religiosity and political subjectivity (completed) (Radhika Gupta)

Status, mediation and debt in Mumbai (completed) (Ajay Gandhi)

Supernatural as news, spiritual as newsy: Religious experiences through the news media in urban India (completed) (Sahana Udupa)

Theological anthropology, aspiration, and belonging in a global mega city (completed) (Nathaniel Roberts)


Urban aspirations in Seoul: Religion and megacities in comparative studies (2012-2017, completed)

Megachurches/microchurches: Politics of scale, space, and growth in Seoul (completed) (Ju Hui Judy Han, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto)

Places of Islam in Seoul – New experimentation in the post-colonial and globalizing Seoul (completed) (Doyoung SONG, Professor, Hanyang University, Korea)

In pursuit of religious perfection: Women, intimate labour, and genderizing Seoul (completed) (Hyun Mee KIM, Professor, Yonsei Unversity, Korea)

Religious-ideological competition and development in cold war cities: Seoul, Berlin & Pyongyang (completed) (Jin-Heon Jung, Research Fellow & the Seoul Lab Coordinator, MPI MMG)

The social semiotics of aspiration in Seoul (completed) (Nicholas Harkness, Assistant Professor, Harvard University)


Urban aspirations in Shanghai (completed)

Capital-linked migrants in Shanghai (completed) (Weishan Huang)

Christian aspirations and the everyday doing of business in Shanghai (completed) (Sin Wen Lau)

Collection and speculation: Life stories of market traders in mega city Shanghai (completed) (Rumin Luo)

Deterritorialization and localization: Capital-linked migrants and transnational Buddhism in Shanghai (completed) (Weishan Huang)

Evangelical urbanization and spatial transformation in Shanghai (completed) (Weishan Huang)

Gender, ethnicity and religion: Making sense of Uyghur aspirations in Shanghai (completed) (Sajide Tuxun)

Marriage and aspirations in contemporary Shanghai (completed) (Yuqin Huang)

Religious movement organizations and the formation of global denominations (completed) (Weishan Huang)

Time experiences of uncertainty and aspiration among rural migrants in globalizing Shanghai (completed) (Xiao He)


Urban aspirations in Singapore (completed)

Aspirations, Christianity, and young adulthood in Singapore (completed) (Jayeel Serrano Cornelio)

Community engagement, aspirations, and the youth of Soka Singapore (completed) (Jayeel Serrano Cornelio)


Individual projects

Binary dreams: Creative success and failure in Beijing’s internet industry (completed) (Samuel Lengen)

Biography of Arnold A. Bake (completed) (Bob van der Linden)

La construction de la sainteté dans la Chine moderne: La vie du maître bouddhiste Xuyun (completed) (Daniela Campo)

Dis/trusted partners: Local Mosque activism during the German refugee crisis (Arndt Emmerich)

Imagining Tibet in China: Spiritualism of Nation and Nationalism (completed) (Principal investigator: Dan Smyer Yu)

Immigration and gentrification in New York City (completed) (Weishan Huang)

Lebanese detainees in Syria. Transnationalism, Suffering, and Piety (completed) (Roschanack Shaery)

Merchant and Murshid: Greed and God in Karachi’s Marketplace (completed) (Noman Baig)

Politics and poetics in India's changing public sphere (completed) (Raphael Susewind)

The rite of urban passage: The spatial dynamics of Muharram processions during the Iranian urban transformation (completed) (Reza Masoudi Nejad)

Sex, soul, spirits: Becoming Protestant Hmong in contemporary Vietnam (completed) (Tam Ngo)

Trading piety: the ritual economy of sutra chanting in southeast China (Jiazhi Fengjiang)

Transformation of religion and society in China under Mao and its contemporary legacies (completed) (Xiaoxuan Wang)


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