Religiöse Vielfalt

Abteilung für religiöse Vielfalt 2009-2021
The Department of Religious Diversity was headed by Peter van der Veer from 2009 to 2021. Over this period, the department had 60 social scientists, 9 graduate Ph.D. students, and three non-scientific staff. The Ph.D. students all had the Director as their advisor. On completion of their period at the Institute, fellows moved on to other positions in universities and research organizations in Germany, Britain, France, Singapore, China, and the USA. mehr
Emeritus Group Religious Diversity
The topic of this group is religious diversity and nationalism in Asia and among the Asian diaspora. The governance of religious diversity is studied in relation to communal violence, and state sovereignty. The group contributes to theoretical understandings of death, violence, ritual, and secularism. The group is involved in the Max Planck - Cambridge Centre for Ethics, Economy and Social Change (informally “Max-Cam”), a collaborative undertaking with the University of Cambridge. mehr
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