Remaking selves: Narratives of young Muslim women in Mumbai (completed)

Sana Ghazi

At the institute Sana Ghazi aims to study young Muslim women in Mumbai. She aims to deconstruct the inherent categories of “young, urban Muslim women”, through their agency. The project will document and analyse female young Muslim narratives while delimiting the focus geographically to Mumbai. With an emphasis on the nuances of their Muslimness, the study will focus on their artistic expressions, its hybridity and enablement, and the demonstration of their plurality through 'alternate culture'. The project aims to open up a discussion on their individual negotiations in overlapping yet distinct spaces in terms of ‘being’ and ‘doing’, without necessarily establishing a dichotomous relationship between the two. The objective, broadly, is to explore how negotiations in diverse spaces observed in, for instance, writing, art, cinema or the underground music scene – which may largely be understood as ‘invisible’ or ‘hidden’ – are shaping multiple strands of their identity.


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