Migration, religion and gender: perspectives on Chinese missionaries in the UK (1950 to the present) (completed)

Yuqin Huang

- completed -

There is little study of religion in Chinese Diaspora research and important gender perspectives are overlooked. This new research therefore explores the historical transformation of patterns and processes in and between migration, Diaspora religion and gender from 1950 to the present. It examines Chinese Christian missionary strategies in the UK among successive waves of Chinese migrants. In particular, it explores the missionary contribution of Chinese women. In light of 60 years of Chinese migration to the UK, this research will chart the impact of global migration, local demography, language, culture, and political orientation on Diaspora missionary activities. Detailed inductive analysis of the activities of approximately 40 leading women in mission will provide theoretical resources for the study of religion in Chinese Diaspora research, and materials to illuminate a) gender issues in religious performing and missionary work; b) patterns in non-Western clerical ministry among migrant communities in the UK.

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