The Ashgate companion to cosmopolitanism (completed)

Magdalena Nowicka, Maria Rovisco (York St. John University)

Cosmopolitanism has become a highly discussed topic across the social sciences and the humanities. The companion will introduce those with little or no prior knowledge of cosmopolitanism to the main themes, debates and controversies surrounding the subject. It pursues distinct theoretical orientations and empirical analyses, bringing together mainstream discussions with the newest thinking and developments. Part I Practical Cosmopolitanism is primarily concerned with the empirically-grounded aspects of cosmopolitanism which are apparent in mundane practices and lifestyle options on the micro-scale of daily interactions. It focuses on the outlooks and lived experience of ordinary individuals and groups in concrete situational contexts and social structures. Part II Political Cosmopolitanism sets out the main topics and issues dealt with by scholars writing within the tradition of political cosmopolitanism. Addressing timely issues such as human rights, global justice, and global democracy, it focuses on cosmopolitanism as an ethico-political ideal and a political project to devise new forms of supranational and transnational governance. Part III Debates reflects the major debates and controversies on the subject and deliberately eschews any bland consensus to instead foreground the key arguments and lively intellectual discussions in play across disciplinary divisions.

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