Migration (completed)

Steven Vertovec

With migration among the key issues at the top of public and academic agendas worldwide, this project has been commissioned by Routledge Publisher’s Major Works series to provide a core set of studies exploring migration’s many dimensions. The four edited volumes are thematically organized around 1. general theories of migration, 2. migration patterns and trends, 3. political debates and policy challenges, and 4. social processes and impacts surrounding migration. Each volume itself is arranged by way of core topics that have engaged scholars historically (with works dating from the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries) and in recent years (including some of the most prominent debates and theoretical developments). Contributions include studies drawn from Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography and Political Science.

Output: Vertovec, Steven (ed) [2010] Migration.

  • Vol. I: Theories 
  • Vol. II: Types 
  • Vol. III: Trends 
  • Vol. IV: Policies 
  • Vol. V: Processes

London: Routledge Major Works series Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences.

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