Migration and forced labour in Southern Africa (completed)

Darshan Vigneswaran

This project links my current interests in questions of immigration control and the long term transformation of migration governance with Joel Quirk’s research on slavery and emancipation. Using support from the British Academy, the project draws together resources at the Forced Migration Studies Programme, WITS University with the Wilberforce Institute for Slavery and Emancipation, University of Hull. The primary aim is to integrate a range of methodological and historical research expertise, in order to develop an innovative approach to migration in Southern Africa and a comprehensive vision of ongoing migratory processes. Thus far we have provided an important focal point for research on human movements in Africa, hosting two research conferences: In Search of Solutions: Methods, Movements and Undocumented Migrants in Africa (Johannesburg, 2008) and Slavery, Forced Labour and Contemporary Bondage in Africa (Hull, 2009). At present we are preparing an edited book collection based on the contributions to the second of these conferences. Both conferences have been accompanied by short courses in research methodology and historical analysis aimed at advanced graduate students and practitioners. The next phase of the project will involve hosting a Writer's Research Workshop in Maputo, Mozambique in August 2010 entitled Theorising the State and Mobility in Africa. Primary funder: The British Academy.

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