Multiculturalism (completed)

Gerd Baumann (University of Amsterdam), Steven Vertovec

In recent years, multiculturalism has turned from a broadly shared ideal, implemented in a broad array of policies, into a controversial topic of derision and public debate. A collection of four edited volumes are being produced for Routledge Publisher’s Major Works series. The first volume in the series is entitled Conceiving Multiculturalisms, tracing the seemingly new concept of multiculturalism to long-standing arguments on tribal co-existence, human rights and civil rights to the rights to recognition; Volume II, Multiculturalism and the Nation-State, which assembles key research concerning the tensions between national, ethnic and religious identity politics; the third Volume, Multiculturalism and the Public Sphere, examines the difficult choices to be made between ideas of social integration and contending ideas of community rights, not least in schools and in the market place; and Volume IV, After Multiculturalism?, juxtaposes the major works dealing with the most urgent crises in multiculturalism, such as anti-multiculturalism and the revival of nationalism in the face of the new realities of transnationalism.

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