The Routledge International Handbook of Diversity Studies (completed)

Steven Vertovec

Commissioned by Routledge publishers, this multidisciplinary Handbook will be comprised of chapters written by experts exploring a range of topics relevant to the notion “diversity”. The Handbook will uniquely provide a set of tools for understanding diversity through constitutive categories, historical cases and specific settings. Moreover, the Handbook will be published at an important juncture, when the concept itself is both highly topical and taking on new meanings and significance. Contributions from some fifty authors from around the world. Chapters are not intended to provide definitions, intellectual histories or state-of-the-art summaries: rather, each chapter represents a conceptual and theoretical challenge to the overall field. This is in keeping with the idea of Routledge handbooks, which is to set the research agenda for the next five years, to redefine existing areas within the context of international research, to highlight emerging areas and to provide graduate students with ideas/encouragement for future research activity.

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