Entrepreneurial Superdiversity and Intersectionality

Sakura Yamamura

In collaboration with colleagues from the University of Strathclyde’s Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, this project explores diverse issue of superdiversity along with intersectionality in the context of ethnic minority and migrant entrepreneurship. Fieldworks are carried out throughout Europe, with site surveys, surveys and qualitative interviews in cities, such as Glasgow, Amsterdam, Hamburg, but also in Poland and Scotland. Basing on empirical research, these projects aim at concretizing, respectively re-conceptualizing the nature of superdiversity and transnationality in entrepreneurship research. Currently, projects are being finalized on the multi-scalar contexts of intersectional entrepreneurs (i.e. LGBTIQ* ethnic minority entrepreneurs) in the aforementioned European cities as well as on transnational entrepreneurship of return migrants in Poland. Previous research also entailed the exploration of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the small-island state of Malta, which is characterized by the interrelatedness of locally closely-knit but also extensively transnationally networked (circular migration) economic actors.

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