Online Media

The City Show
The City show is a podcast about complexity and how people live and adapt to life in fast-changing cities across Africa, Latin America and Asia.  more
Researchers from the institute describe the development of their projects and the challenges, delights and frustrations of conducting social scientific research. more
Online lectures
Here you will find videos from lectures given by distinguished researchers at the MPI MMG. more
Diversity interviews
Here you will find transcripts of interviews with distinguished scientists, led by staff members of the MMG. more
Fieldwork Photo Gallery
The collection of photographs on our website represents the fieldwork activities of our researchers. more
INSIGHTS @mpimmg
In this series, our researchers give brief 3 minute insights into their work: what they research, how they do it and why it is significant. more
Data Visualization
This website features stunning interactive data graphics on topics including superdiversity and international migration flows. more
Within this walk-in tool, research teams can select and simultaneously juxtapose, analyze and present different types of data, as well as virtually recreate research settings.  more
Superdiversity in Vancouver, Sydney and Auckland
Migration visualization tools are introduced with a comparative focus on three major contexts of recent immigration: Canada (Vancouver), Australia (Sydney), and New Zealand (Auckland). more
Superdiversity in Canadian Cities
Diversification is one of the key social processes that defines our times. Over the past few decades, multiple causes and categories of migration – combined with migrants’ new and varying origins – have been transforming urban populations in complex ways, worldwide and, particularly, in Canada.  more
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