Lisa Harms, 2014-2019

Curriculum Vitae

Lisa Harms was a post-doctoral researcher at the Alexander von Humboldt Chair of Comparative Constitutionalism at the University of Göttingen until July 2020 and is now post-doctoral researcher at the University of Münster. Prior to joining the AvH Chair of Comparative Constitutionalism in October 2019, she was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the MPI Department of Ethics, Law, and Politics. She holds a Master’s degree in political sociology from the Institut d’Études Politiques (IEP) Paris. In 2019, she completed her Ph.D. in sociology and political science at the University of Göttingen and the IEP Paris, receiving the Christoph-Friedrich-Dahlmann Prize of the Social Sciences Faculty in Göttingen. During her Ph.D. (2014-2019), she was as a Doctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Fellow Group “Governance of Cultural Diversity”, and contributed to its research agenda on judicial courts as arenas for struggles over religious recognition. Her publications have appeared in Comparative Migration Studies and Sociologie de travail.

Research projects

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