Dr. Barbara von Rütte, 2019-2020

Curriculum Vitae

Barbara von Rütte joined the Department of Ethics, Law, and Politics at the MPI-MMG as a Post-doctoral Researcher in October 2019. Prior to joining the Department, she wrote her Ph.D. on “The Human Right to Citizenship. From State Privilege to Individual Right” within the framework of the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research - The Migration Mobility Nexus NCCR - on the move and the Center for Migration Law at the University of Bern. Barbara is an attorney-at-law and holds an LL.M. (University of Leiden) and MLaw (University of Bern) with a special interest in citizenship and migration law and theories, as well as constitutional and international human rights law. She is also a consultant for the Council of Europe on the Committee of Experts on Administrative Detention of Migrants (CJ-DAM) and has previously worked at the European Court of Human Rights, as well as in law firms. Furthermore, she has been elected by the Federal Council to the Swiss Federal Commission on Migration for the term 2020-2023. The Federal Commission on Migration is an extra-parliamentary commission which is mandated by law to address social, economic, cultural, political, demographic and legal issues that arise from the residence of foreign nationals in Switzerland. The members of the Commission determine its positions and advise the Federal Council and the public administration on questions of migration.

Research projects

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