Dr. Samuel Sami Everett

Curriculum Vitae

Samuel Sami Everett (who goes by Sami) is a Research Fellow in the department of Socio-Cultural Diversity. He is research coordinator for the cross-national (France-Germany-UK) ethnographic research on the ORA Joint Research Project "Muslim-Jewish encounter, diversity & distance in urban Europe: Religion, culture and social model (ENCOUNTERS)". He holds a PhD in Politics from SOAS, University of London and a BA in North African Language and Culture from INALCO, Paris. His research focuses on the historical-colonial and spatial-political dimensions of Jewish and Muslim identification. His research interests span the historical the anthropological and the cultural and his work is located between North African, Middle Eastern, Jewish and Islamic studies of Diaspora, dynamic interreligious interaction, and migratory trajectories. He uses the digital humanities and was awarded the Cambridge University Press Prize for excellence in Technology Enabled Learning at Cambridge for his online ethnographic methods class 2020-21. Sami was Research Associate at the University of Cambridge Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) 2017-2020.

Research projects


Journal Articles

2017 “The Algerian Works of Hélène Cixous” International Journal of Politics, Culture, Society, Volume 30, Issue 2, pp 201-217

2018 (with Ben Gidley) “Getting away from the noise: Jewish-Muslim interactions and narratives in E1/Barbès” Francosphères Volume 7, no 2, pp 173-195

2018 “Interfaith dialogue & faith-based social activism in a State of emergency” in International Journal of Politics, Culture, Society, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp 437–454

2019 “Struggling to reach out: Jewish-Muslim dialogue in a Paris synagogue after the 2015 attacks” Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion Vol 10

2020 “Une ambiance diaspora: continuity and change in Parisian Maghrebi Imaginaries” Comparative Studies in Society and History 64(1): 1-21

2020 “Notes from a pilgrimage-ethnography to the grave of Amran Ben Diwan” Hespéris-Tamuda 55(2)

2022 “La Petite Jérusalem: from North Africanness to Orthodoxy” AJS Review

Special Issues

2022 Jews and Muslims in Europe: Between Discourse and Experience, Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion (ed. Everett and Gidley), Brill (under contract)

Edited Volumes

2019 Emergent Religious Pluralisms (ed. Bock, Everett and Fahy), Palgrave Macmillan, Lived Religion and Societal Challenge Series.

2020 Jewish–Muslim Interactions. Performing Cultures between North Africa and France (ed. Everett and Vince), Liverpool University Press (in press).

Chapters in Edited Volumes

2017 "The many (im)possibilities of contemporary Algerian Judaïtés" in Patrick Crowley (ed.), Algeria: Nation and Transnationalism 1988-2013 (Liverpool University Press)

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