Jagat Sohail

Curriculum Vitae

Jagat Sohail was a guest from April 2022 until August 2023. He is a doctoral student at the department of anthropology, Princeton University. Sohail is a cultural anthropologist working in the intersections of political economy, economic anthropology and psychological anthropology, particularly as they relate to the field of global migration. Since 2017, he has conducted ethnographic field research in Berlin, Germany, with groups of asylum seekers that arrived in the city in the aftermath of the Syrian refugee crisis. His work traces trajectories of foreigner incorporation as they dovetail in and out of shifting  fields, symbolic and material, as newcomers look to establish interpersonal, local, and national modes of belonging in Berlin. He will spend his visiting year at Max Planck completing his dissertation thesis.

Click here for Jagat's Insight video “Paradoxes of Refugee Incorporation”

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