Pittikorn Panyamanee

Curriculum Vitae

Pittikorn Panyamanee was a guest at MPI-MMG from August 2022 to February 2023. Pittikorn graduated a bachelor’s degree in political science (government) with a second-class honor from Ramkhamhaeng University, and master’s degree in history (South Asian History) from Thammasat University. Since 2018, he has held a Royal Gloden Jubilee PhD Programme scholarship (RGJ, 21) at Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Social Sciences. Nowadays, Pittikorn is a PhD candidate in social science (International Program) at Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. His research interests have always revolved around Dalit and Ambedkar studies, postcolonialism/subaltern studies theories, modern Indian history, and Thai-Indian Hindu diaspora studies. During his short time at MPI-MMG, he will be writing and rewriting his PhD dissertation entitled Cultural Hybridity of The Indian Diaspora in Thailand: Hinduness and Changing Cultural Practices of Thai-Indian Hindu Communities, Chiang Mai Province. Furthermore, he will write a theoretical and literature-based survey article titled An Analytical Survey of Thai-Anthropologist Academic Writing: Indian Diaspora Studies and Epistemology of Super-diversity to gain a better understanding of Thai-Anthropologists and their approaches to Indian diaspora studies as an epistemology of super-diversity. Prof. Dr. Steven Vertovec is co-supervising these topics.

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